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The strategy of the company – experts of Experimum Group will calculate complexes of measures ensuring the achievement of specific goals set by the company. The essence of strategy development and implementation is to choose the right direction of development from numerous alternatives and to guide the business along the chosen path.

The strategic management system includes:

• Provision of company resources for strategic purposes regardless of the actual business management structure;

• Establishment of centres of management for each strategic objective;

• Evaluate and stimulate production units and their managers to achieve strategic objectives.

Strategy development is carried out at the highest level of management and is based on the following tasks: development of strategic objectives of the company; Assessing its capabilities and resources; Analysis of marketing trends, evaluation of alternative activities; The definition of a forward-looking strategy; Preparation of detailed operational plans, programmes and budgets; Evaluation of the firm ‘s performance on the basis of certain criteria, taking into account the objectives and plans set.

Based on the need to meet the above objectives in the strategy development process, the participants of the Experimum Group will assess the company ‘s potential, capabilities and resources to achieve common goals; Analysis of internal factors ensuring growth and strengthening of the firm ‘s position: commercial, technological, social; Analysis of external factors requiring measures to adapt to changed conditions and situations; Assessing the firm ‘s alternative activities and choosing the best options to achieve the objectives; Taking decisions based on long-term plans for the operation and development of the firm.